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Ethnologue-kur ISO-639-1 ku
ISO-639-2 kur
ISO-639-3 kur

Template:Babel-6 Within the Wikimedia Foundation ku is understood as everything Kurdish. Given the documentation of Ethnologue, Kurdish is more like a language family.

It seems to me that when people start to take an interest in Kurdish in OmegaWiki we will want to reflect this new appreciation of what is Kurdish here as well.

How kur has been subdivided[edit]

Ethnologue ISO-639-1 -
ISO-639-3 ckb
Ethnologue ISO-639-1 -
ISO-639-3 kmr
Ethnologue ISO-639-1 -
ISO-639-3 lki
Ethnologue ISO-639-1 -
ISO-639-3 sdh

"ckb" is Central Kurdish (Sorani, Soranî), IANA language tag: ku-ckb
"kmr" is Northern Kurdish (Kurmanji, kurmancî), IANA language tag: ku-kmr
"lki" is Laki, IANA language tag: ku-lki
"sdh" is Southern Kurdish, IANA language tag: ku-sdh