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Normally this template, which should be added to a talk page, only takes one parameter, which is a short phrase describing the problem. It page is then added to the general Category:Articles needing attention.

Optionally a second parameter may be added, specifying another Category in which to add the article. To the entered parameter " needing attention" is added, so giving the second parameter as for example DefinedMeanings causes the article to end up in Category:DefinedMeanings needing attention. Be extremely restrictive in creating such additional categories, make sure they exist or create them as subcategories to Category:Articles needing attention.
Default for this parameter is "{{SUBJECTSPACE}}s", e. g. Expressions or DefinedMeanings.

Optionally, a third parameter may be added after the second which must be a / followed by an ISO 639-3 language code so as to put the article in a language specific subcategory of the second. Make sure to create these subcategories if they do not yet exist by adding them to the category without a language code at the correct alphabetical position for the language code; hint: follow the red link, then copy the page title to the edit window, replace the "/" towards the end by "|" and enclose the result in "[[ ]]" before saving.
If you do not want to add the second parameter you can add the language this way: add after the first parameter |3=/ followed by an ISO 639-3 language code.


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This article (Attention) needs attention because:
It has been added to this category for attention. Thank you for your patience.