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Help:To do list for contributors

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This list gives you ideas of where to start if you don't know what to do in OmegaWiki.

Any language[edit]

Missing translations[edit]

First, you might want to add words and definitions in a target language that you know well by translating from another language that you know. In this case, you can have a look at the missing translations at

You can also contribute to the discussions and correct the pages that need some work (translations to be updated, duplicate meanings, etc.). See:


You can also try to add images to concepts that would deserve images. Search for a word and see if it has an image already. If not, you can add an image from Commons (see: Help:Image from Commons).

Specific languages[edit]


A list of some 100k missing English words is available at:


A list of the French words defined in the 8th dictionnaire de l'académie française (public domain) is available at:


Add the missing red words from the list of words of the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test:


Add the missing red words from the list of words of the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi :


Some help is also needed to improve our DictionaryForMids' OmegaWiki Dictionaries.

  • Abbreviation We need these to keep our version compact, using only the necessary data.