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An Expression is a combination of characters (e.g. m-a-i-n) that make up a word or a phrase in a specific language (e.g. English).

The word "main" in English and "main" in French have the same spelling, but are two different expressions (because they have different languages)

Browsing an expression page[edit]

For an example of an expression page, you can click on Expression:hand.

One or several definitions are shown, and each definition (corresponding to a different DefinedMeaning) can be clicked to expand it and view a list of definitions, translations, and annotations.

When more than one Language exists for that word, tabs will appear on top of the page.

Adding an expression[edit]

To understand how to add a new word that is not yet defined in OmegaWiki, see Help:Defining a new word.

List of expressions in language XXX[edit]

A list of all expressions of a given language can be browsed in the page Special:Datasearch. Just select a language and click "show".

Database point of view[edit]

An expression is stored in a specific table of the database: see Help:Expression table for technical details.